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Back end development is all about keeping up to date with server side technologies and processes! The back end focuses on things that users can't see such as back end code or a database system. Here are some of our posts that are related to back end development.

The CMS Debate: Why We Chose Craft CMS vs Wordpress

Most agencies that build websites for their clients have been in the CMS debate about which one to use. This is why we chose Craft CMS and haven't looked back.

craft cms vs wordpress - laptop sitting on desk with tablet and phone

Make Your Website Faster with OPCache

OPCache is a hidden gem when it comes to PHP development. Servers have to take on huge network loads. OPCache helps relieve that strain.

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Securing your websites security headers

Many websites and API endpoints are not implementing security related headers fully. Check out which ones need to be implemented and why.

security locks on a fence

Preventing MITM attacks with HSTS

All to often a security vulnerability is discovered after the breach occurred. Let's take a look at a way to help mitigate a man-in-the-middle attack and give ourselves a little relief.

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7 important website performance metrics to be monitoring

When looking at ways to increase webpage speed, consider these metrics first. If any of these metrics are out-of-range then look into why and fix it.

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Why Code Reviews Are Important

Imagine being in the the middle of a meeting and you get a call from a client saying a specific part of your software you built is acting funny. What next?

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