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Make your PHP website faster with OPCache

OPCache is a hidden gem when it comes to PHP development. Servers have to take on huge network loads. OPCache helps relieve that strain.

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Securing your websites security headers

Many websites and API endpoints are not implementing security related headers fully.

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Preventing MITM attacks with HSTS

All to often a security vulnerability is discovered after the breach occurred. Let's take a look at a way to help mitigate a man-in-the-middle attack and give ourselves a little relief.

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7 important website performance metrics to be monitoring

When looking at ways to increase webpage speed, consider these metrics first. If any of these metrics are out-of-range then look into why and fix it.

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Why Code Reviews Are Important

Imagine being in the the middle of a meeting and you get a call from a client saying a specific part of your software you built is acting funny. What next?

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Which CMS is right for my client?

Choosing the right CMS to use on a project comes with some decision making. While we want to utilitize the same tools that we know, sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone.

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Image Optimization

Images are probably the largest assets that are displayed on a website. Images range from just a few kB to well over a MB or three.

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In web development, minification is the process of formatting code by removing whitespaces and unnecessary space.

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Software Developers Best Practices

Often times we get caught up in the rush of achieving company and client goals but that doesn't always mean success for an individual.

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