Email Marketing and Management Services

Email Statistics

Open Based on Subject Line


Percentage of email recipients that opened an email based on only the subject line.

Personalizing Email


The increase in percentage by personalizing emails.

Adding Video To Emails


The increase in percentage of clickthrough rate by adding video to emails.

Return On Investment


The return on investment for email marketing. For every $1 spent, $40 is gained.

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Drip Campaigns

Getting the right campaign strategy for users that sign up for your business's services can be tricky. We design drip strategies for you to help nurture your potential customers.

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General Campaigns

Customers expect an email after they sign up for a service. We can design and develop emails to keep in contact with new users and send custom notifications whenever the time is right.

Newsletter Campaigns

Do you have valuable content that your audience needs? Email newsletter campaigns are great for giving that information to your customers after they signup for your services.

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Our service to your business

We offer premium email campaigns that produce results that lead to sales. SW Development designs and develops email campaigns to introduce new audiences to your products as well as existing customers. Each campaign is custom for a product or service and targets a specific audience.