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Front-end development is web development on the client side. Development usually consists of using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Modern JavaScript libraries such as React, Vue, Angular are used to bring re-usability to projects.

Knowing When It's Time For A Website Redesign

Websites are powerful tools in the world marketing. Increase your reach with a website redesign.

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Marketing With QR Codes

Thinking of a making a QR Code. Here are some things that you need to consider when it comes to QR Codes.

a payment system using qr codes

7 important website performance metrics to be monitoring

When looking at ways to increase webpage speed, consider these metrics first. If any of these metrics are out-of-range then look into why and fix it.

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Why Code Reviews Are Important

Imagine being in the the middle of a meeting and you get a call from a client saying a specific part of your software you built is acting funny. What next?

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Image Optimization

Images are probably the largest assets that are displayed on a website. Images range from just a few kB to well over a MB or three.

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In web development, minification is the process of formatting code by removing whitespaces and unnecessary space.

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