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Author: Tim Strawbridge

Date Created: Jan 07, 2022

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Landing pages are standalone web pages that can be a great asset and produce great results in a campaign. Now, this is true if the campaign strategy is planned and set up correctly, otherwise, the landing page will just be another page taking up space on the server. Campaigns that include landing page strategies are high performers. We'll dive into landing page best practices and the basics of landing pages and hopefully give you some inspiration for your next campaign.

What is a landing page?

A landing page has a fundamental principle. It serves as a page that is used in campaigns to get the user to "take action" on the call-to-action. This could be a button click or a PDF download, or anything else that causes someone to take action. Landing pages are used within different scenarios for many different purposes. Landing pages are web pages with a specific call to action and are used for a specific marketing strategy. One thing landing pages are not—single page websites.

How to use them

The implementation of a landing page has some confusion and misdirection associated with it. First, let's clear up the confusion by defining it. A landing page is a single page that exists specifically for a marketing campaign. For example, a user receives an email and the email has a "View Results" button. The "View Results" button takes you to a page that displays the results of some topic. This landing page just served as a web page that the user "landed" on. Second, landing pages usually only have 1 call-to-action. The call to action could lead to a higher conversion rate than with regular web pages because of the limited amount of information and displayed choices on them. It is a common mistake to have landing pages to make up the entire website and are often confused with single-page applications or single-page websites.

Common digital marketing strategies that landing pages can be integrated into include:

Tips on creating landing pages with a high conversion rate

  1. Align the campaign message with the landing page message.

    There should be no difference between the campaign's overall message and the messaging on the landing page. Users will be confused if the messaging has a different meaning behind it.
    Keep the value proposition at the top of the page and only at the top of the page.

  2. Showcase the product or service with real users using the product or service

    It helps to give an example of some of the products and services in action. An example would be to provide a video of the product or service and the customer's use case.
    Use the example as a way to tell a story about the product or service. Most people will want to "see it in action" before they proceed to do business.

  3. Use copy that is engaging and correct

    Focus on the benefits of the product or services.
    Provide clarity by using details.

  4. The call to action should be clear

    The message for the call to action should be clear and concise. "Click here" simply doesn't work. Be thoughtful and creative in regards to the audience.

  5. Keep the call to action above the fold

    The position of the call to action is important. Keep it above the fold, which means the length of the browser height in pixels. The "fold" is an imaginary line that represents the bottom row of pixels in a browser window. The fold moves up as the user scrolls down.

  6. Add social proof to the landing page

    Adding social proof such as a testimonial is a great way to tell new users about the offering.
    Finding a way to connect a story together that users can relate to via social proof can help build a positive reputation.

  7. Add interactive content to keep the users engaged

    Users like motion and content that they can interact with.
    Static images and no animation is boring to most users and do not keep their attention spans.

  8. Keep only one call to action

    Too many calls to action can lead to confusion for the user. Keep it simple and have only one CTA.

  9. Keep the only most important information on the landing page

    Landing pages don't have to be very long, although long-form content is usually better. Landing pages are specific and if the audience is a niche audience, keep them short.

  10. Remove the navigation or keep the navigation minimal

    Navigation on landing pages can cause a visitor to lose focus.

  11. Optimize for page speed

    Page speed is detrimental to keeping users engaged. The added benefit of having a fast website is it helps the SEO as well.

Landing pages can feel like they are complex pairs of design and psychology. They are but if you follow these landing page best practices it will be easier to make them. Combine a landing page with the perfect strategy that fits and your business will be amongst conversion heaven. If you feel stuck on creating a landing page strategy we can help. Get your FREE consultation today!

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