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Author: Tim Strawbridge

Date Created: Jul 29, 2021

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When I think of automation I think of an automotive factory that has robots installed, welding door hinges and frames and such. In email marketing, it is really no different, same concept but different process. Here are some ways that I use automation in my companies email workflows.

Why automate?

I chose to automate my companies email workflows because it helps us be more personalized with our client base. The old process was to have a small message appear on the screen thanking the subscriber for their interest in my companies services. I felt that an onscreen message just wasn't enough. 

1. Know what the end goal is

You will have to ask yourself why you are wanting to make contact with the individual. Think of the conversion. Is there a purchase or a download? Do you want the contact to be directed to a specific page? If you don't know why, the recipient will not know either.

2. Define the criteria for enrollment

We like to use segmentation to help identify who to send email to. This groups together contacts that have a similarity such as which stage they are at in the lifecycle. You certainly don't want to send out lead generation emails to an existing customer. How will your contacts be enrolled into the workflow? Think about what needs to be triggered in order to for a contact to be placed in the workflow. This data could come from a list or company or contact properties.

3. Define the steps of the workflow

Defining the steps is similar to baking using a recipe. When you're defining the steps you're really just mapping out what needs to be done. What processes need to take place after you enroll contacts into the workflow.  

4. Create the images and other assets

Start creating your images and copy. The messaging needs be on point so be sure to keep the copy aligned with the goal of your email workflow. Here is a small list of things that you may have to create in order achieve the conversion goal:

5. Create your workflow

Create your workflow that you have designed. Since you've already mapped the process out, this step will be a little easier to accomplish. 

6. Test the workflow

The is the most important step and the one that is probably easiest to forget about. It's important to run tests based on enrollment criteria, contact properties and all the different scenarios that exist in your workflow.

7. Measure, monitor and improve

It's easy to wrap up the project after you test it and call it a day. However, even though tests may turn out good, you won't know how you're workflow is performing if you don't monitor it. Look at specifics such as open and click rates. Even better, look at who is not opening and clicking. This may tell you those contacts that aren't converting, are not ready. Regardless, always fine tune your email workflows. It will payoff in the end.

If you need help or have any questions on how to implement an email workflow automation strategy in your company, contact us or call Tim @ 815-491-0786

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