CraftCMS Plugin Development

What is CraftCMS?

CraftCMS is a completely customizable CMS that allows the web developer to be in full control of every element of the development process. From project organization to field development, CraftCMS lets you handle it how you want. One thing that CraftCMS is not — it doesn't have themes. If you are looking for a theme based system then CraftCMS is not for you.

Plugin Development

Plugins can help out developers by decreasing overall development time. With so many developers now utilizing plugins, the plugin market has become saturated with plugins that have the same functionality. Unfortunately, plugins sometimes cause issues with how your website functions. Although this is true on a high level view of things, however sometimes technology just doesn't work in our favor. Not only do we develop plugins but we can help diagnose problems with your website and provide an implementation plan.

Why choose a plugin?

Plugins are simply code or a program that can be used inside of another piece of software. The topic is broad and cumbersome, but ideally, a plugin is an essential part of the developer's development life cycle. A plugin is similar to an add-on to software and often enhances the capability.

Browsers have plugins also known as extensions. Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari all have websites that you can download plugins. Plugins are readily available we think if you are developing a website, you should keep a small list of plugins in your arsenal.