Website Design and Development
Rock River Airport Shuttle

We were contacted by a new business in the Rockford, IL area—Rock River Airport Shuttle to create a new website. We were eager to help build this new business' brand and create a future in digital marketing with this company.


  • New Website Build
  • Hubspot CRM
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Email Campaigns

rock river airport shuttle campaign

email campaign for Rock River Airport shuttle

Email Marketing

We were able to work with the client to strategically plan an email marketing campaign that included finding new leads and pampering existing leads.

We ran two different email marketing campaigns with this client. The first email marketing campaign focused on getting the target audience's attention.


  1. Email sent to nearly 1100 leads
  2. 60 new sales leads created
  3. Conversion rate of > 5%
  4. ~45% open rate

Timeline: We took 6 weeks to deliver a final product and now the website is live and the business is thriving.