Why Local Search Is Important For Marketing Your Business

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Author: Tim Strawbridge

Date Created: Nov 27, 2021

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Local search is a search engine optimization strategy that localizes the search terms to the area that is around you. If you search for "used cars near me", results for local used car dealers in your area would show up. Of course, on a mobile app, you would have to give permission for that app to use "location". Local search optimization is an art and is available to any business and we recommend utilizing it, especially if you want to be found by searchers in your community.

What is local SEO?

Local search SEO is a strategy used to help businesses increase visibility in search engines. When you perform a search, local results are often given first followed by the organic listings. Local SEO uses different sources to display data. It might get data from a business listing or a website.

snack pack google search result
snack pack google search result

Why you should be using local SEO?

If a business has a local business listing, then they are more likely to be noticed in what Google calls its "snack pack" than a business without a local business listing. We usually say "more visibility leads to more customers" and this is a true statement. The more exposure you receive the more chances of obtaining a customer. 

How do you rank for local SEO?

  1. Find your keywords by researching
  2. Set up or claim your page
  3. Setup and complete your profile
  4. Add extra categories
  5. Find reviews and respond to them
  6. Create posts consistently

How do you get your business to be displayed on Google?

The first step in ranking for local search is to set up local listings in Google. If you don't know how to do that, don't worry we'll help you out.

  1. Set up a Google Business Profile listing (you will need to have a Google account). 
  2. Search for your business. If your business appears in the "find and manage your business" box then click on the appropriate business. If not then select "add your business to Google" link.
  3. Enter your business's Category and name.
  4. Enter your business's address.
  5. Enter the contact information.
  6. Verify the mailing address.

Tips on using local SEO

  1. Treat the profile like a webpage with persuading copy.
  2. Create posts consistently.
  3. If you have multiple locations, create different location pages on your website and list them in your profile.
  4. Research what your competitors are doing for local SEO. Visit their profile and see the categories they are using.
  5. Geo tag your profile and post images. Don't forget to name your image files correctly with hyphens and the location.

It's important to know that Google My Business has changed its name to Google Business Profile. Use as many listing services that you can. Common Local Search listing services are Bing Places, Apple Maps, Yelp, MapQuest and Yext. If your business needs help and wants to talk about a strategy for local search, contact us!  You'll be glad you did!

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