Warehouse in Rockford, IL
Case Study - Lean Warehousing

One of the biggest challenges faced by warehouses is training. It often gets overlooked and is done in a fashion that is unsafe to workers. We helped a Rockford, IL area warehouse achieve their training Critical Success Factors by implementing visual cues instead of just relying on tribal knowledge. We mapped out the process and identified areas that could be improved. Once we proposed our final project, we worked together to achieve the companies goals. We reduced training time in half by reducing wastes and bottlenecks that the company was experiencing. We proposed a digital solution with handheld data terminals (scanners) for inventory tracking in addition to the quick wins.

Inventory management clipboard warehouse guy feature

What we did:

  • Chartered a project and identified stakeholders
  • Mapped out the process
  • Identified key areas of improvement
  • Identified quick wins
  • Gathered a team to implement the quick wins
  • Implemented a digital solution for inventory tracking